About Molgen

MolGen is a young, dynamic and fast-growing company, active in the field of molecular biology and specialized in the technology to purify DNA / RNA from various materials. In addition, MolGen sells innovative and total solutions and MolGen continuously develops new products and services to meet the ever-changing demand of the market. At the moment MolGen is very active in the field of extraction chemistry and equipment to scale up the COVID-19 test capacity.

Meet the team

Maarten de Groot


Wim van Haeringen


Niels Kruize


Alieke van Essen- Souilljee

Business Development Manager Diagnostics

Armand Triepels

Operations Manager

Arno van de Kant

Sales Director

Astrid Provoost

Sales Specialist Agro & Research

Bas Millenaar

Head of Product Development

Carin van den Akker – Geuskens

Management Assistant

Chun Yien Ip

Chemical QC Analyst

Dario Miranda

Senior Automation Engineer (USA)

Darryl Antonius

Global Key Account Manager

Ebru Özdemir

Validation Analyst

Ellen van Serveen

Sales Support

Eric van de Zilver

Chemical Analyst

Erwin van Hoof

ERP/SC Specialist

James Slatic


Jarko Du Pré

Warehouse Employee

John Ruskauff

Automation Manager

Josine Kapelle

Back-office employee

Karin van de Bovenkamp

Back-office employee

Laurens van Leeuwen

Orders & Logistics

Maria Dullaert

Project Coordinator Molgen Diagnostics

Marije Jansen

Front Office Employee

Marit van der Meulen

Jr. Marketing & Communications Specialist

Marlieke Dekker

Jr. Product Manager

Marlies Mooij, PhD

CEO Molgen Diagnostics

Maud Koetse

Back-office employee & HR

Naomi de Greeff

Back-office employee

Nico Yau

Product Manager

Roshni Mangre

In Vitro QA Manager

Sadaf Rezwani

Customer Experience

Sammy Woo

Technical Buyer

Sanne Elbersen

Personal Assistant

Sanne Savelberg

Application Specialist MolGen Diagnostics

Seth Barragan

Automation Engineer (USA)

Simone van Bree

Specialist Customer Experience

Tom Todaro

VP of Engineering (USA)

Thymara van Kuringen

Field Application Specialist & Project Specialist

Travis Long

Automation Engineer (USA)


MolGen is a growing company and is looking for the following people: