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Your workflow, our plastics! As reliable provider of high-quality plastics for nucleic acid extraction workflows, MolGen offers a variety of different Deepwell Plates for use in your molecular automation. Manufactured with high quality PolyPropylene (PP) and developed for both manual and automated multi-well applications, the 96-well plates and tip combs enable nucleic extraction with all common used extraction systems (standard SBS/ANSI dimensions).

Deepwell Plates 96
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Conforms to SBS/ANSI Dimensions

Our plates adhere to the industry-standard SBS/ANSI dimensions, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of automated and manual workflows.

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DNAse & RNAse Free

We understand the importance of sample integrity. That’s why our Deepwell Plates are free from DNAse and RNAse, minimizing the risk of contamination and preserving your valuable samples.

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High Quality Guaranteed

We take pride in delivering high quality products for your lab. We offer integrated state-of-the-art customizable solutions that automate the molecular diagnosis pipeline, reduce laboratory handling time, and achieve high yields and reproducibility.

Get Your Free Demo Box

Would you like to receive a demo box of 96-Deepwell Plates (V-bottom) to test in your lab? MolGen can provide you with two variations of demo boxes free of charge.

Our 96-Deepwell Plates adhere to industry-standard SBS/ANSI dimensions and are compatible with common extraction systems (scroll down for more info on compatibility). The plastics are also suitable for your manual workflow.



Deepwell Plates 96

Demo Box 1

  • 10x 96 Deepwell Plates
    (V-shape bottom)
  • 2x 96 Tip Combs
Deepwell Plates 96

Demo Box 2

  • 50x 96 Deepwell Plates
    (V-shape bottom)
  • 10x 96 Tip Combs
  • 10x 96 Elution Plates
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  • How does MolGen guarantee quality of the plastics?
    Each batch of our Deepwell Plates is assigned to a unique batch/LOT number, allowing for easy traceability and quality assurance.
  • Are the plastics compatible with my system?
    Please verify your system documentation for compatibility with SBS/ANSI dimensions. The plastics are compatible with most common extraction systems including: PurePrep 96, KingFisher Flex 96, Selected Hamilton systems and others.
  • When is the estimated delivery time for the demo box?
    The order will be processed within two business days, after which a confirmation email will be sent with a track & trace.