MolGen Extraction Systems – what are
the differences?


They look quite similar, but the PurePrep 96 is very different from the PurePrep 24, and the same goes for the PurePrep 32 and PurePrep 24D. The benchtop systems for DNA and RNA purification all utilize magnetic separation technology from different matrices by making use of magnetic beads. However, they differ in sample volume and the number of samples per run.

Flexibility in throughput, volume & usability

The difference is mainly in throughput and sample volume. The PurePrep 96 is ideal for high-throughput with its ability to process 96 samples with shortest the standard protocol being around 40 minutes, whereas the PP32, 24 & 24D are most suitable for low throughput assays but can process a wider range of sample volumes.

The PurePrep 96 and PurePrep 24 work with a rotary table, allowing for easy set-up. The PurePrep 32 and 24D work differently and will do the full process in a single deepwell plate or tube strip.

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Solutions for your laboratory

Not only does MolGen provide the extraction systems, but also the plastic consumables (deepwell plates, elution plates, tip combs, strips & tubes) and the extraction kits for nucleic acid extraction. Besides that, we also have a variety of different systems to automate your workflow, such as our tube transfer systems and our liquid handling systems like the PurePrep FR or the PurePrep Dispenser.

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PurePrep 96

PurePrep 24

PurePrep 32

PurePrep 24D

Application High-throughput settings Fast extraction of high sample volumes, ideal for cfDNA isolation Low-throughput settings Low-throughput settings, ideal for cfDNA isolation
Samples per run 96 24 32 24
Max. Processing Volume 1000 µL 10,000 µL 1,000 µL 10,000 µL
Min. Processing Volume 50 µL 200 µL 50 µL 50 µL
Process Time 15 – 40 minutes 30-60 minutes 15 – 40 minutes 15 – 40 minutes
W x D x H
56 x 96 x 50 cm 56 x 96 x 50 cm 40 x 47 x 45 cm 40 x 47 x 45 cm
Weight 54 kg 54 kg 28 kg 28 kg
Links PurePrep 96 Specs PurePrep 24 Specs PurePrep 32 Specs PurePrep 24D Specs

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