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MolGen Is Going Dutch

MolGen is a global young company providing total solutions in DNA and RNA technologies, from hardware, reagents,
consumables, software and service for human and animal diagnostics, as well as providing solutions for agricultural and biotech industries.

Founded in the Netherlands, MolGen has become an international company with customers, offices and partners across the globe. With dominating universal values and principles, MolGen also embodies the Dutch heritage visible in its commercial spirit, decisiveness and courage. MolGen supplies its customers from a large warehouse and production facility in the Netherlands, guaranteeing quick and reliable delivery at the right place, at the right time.

Partnering with MolGen will provide you the best solutions for your workflow challenges; faster time to result, sensitive results, to achieving higher throughput without expanding your laboratory. Also, as your partner, MolGen will take care of your reagents and consumables supply chain, so you can concentrate on the scientific research.

MolGen wants to invest in new relationships with the ‘MolGen is going Dutch’ promotion: a 50% discount on your first order in September and October on all our current available stock.*

More info? Contact us at info@molgen.com or read the terms and conditions.

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PurePrep Pathogens (DGX) Kit 

Elution Plate Grey

Deepwell Plates

Deepwell Plate Grey

Elution Plates

Tip Comb Grey

Tip Combs

Molgen Pipette Tips 2

Universal Filter Tips

Molgen Pipette Tips 2

Conductive Filter Tips

PurePrep 24

PurePrep Extraction Systems

Tube Transfer Systems

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