The screenchip™ system

The ScreenChip™ System, along with the WMicrotracker System, allows you to get an in-depth understanding of worm behavior. The ScreenChip™ System, allows a C. elegans visual screening and phenotyping platform to associate visual phenotypes with feeding behavior. With the ScreenChip™ System, you’re able to measure, visualize, and analyze the neuromuscular aspects of feeding behavior, assess the neuronal and physiological responses to drugs, aging, genetic modifications, or environmental changes.


Perform multiple phenotyping analyses at once, i.e., morphology, fluorescence, defecation, and feeding behavior while your worm is immobilized in the chip;

Record videos that are perfectly synchronized to the EPG traces, all with a single software;
Eliminate experimenter’s bias and get more reproducible data;
Observe and playback all the molecular and cellular events in the pharynx to better understand what is happening to your worms.

ScreenChip Cartridge

The ScreenChip Cartridge used with the ScreenChip™ System is a microfluidic device designed for rapid, accurate data collection from C. elegans and related nematodes. Each disposable cartridge makes a robust connection to the ScreenChip Dock. The ScreenChip moves worms one by one from an Eppendorf tube and into a recording chamber that detects electrical signals from the pharyngeal pumping of the worm. Each cartridge can record up to 50 worms per chip or one to two days of use. 


Available in packages of 10. The variety pack includes 2 x SC10, 2x SC20, 2x SC30, 2 x SC40, and 2 x SC60.

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