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Lab Thermo Mixer

The Lab Thermo Mixer is a Thermo Shaking Incubator with a 4.3-inch color LCD screen combined with a graphical operation interface to give users a better experience. Various program editing options such as shaking start time, cycle steps, heating rate, etc., help to find the best experimental conditions.

Convenient module replacement method, only need to flip the module handle to quickly replace the module. In addition, new thermo lid accessories with a magnetic port design can effectively improve the temperature uniformity in the test tube, avoid changes in the concentration of reagents in the test tube caused by liquid evaporation and condensation, and ensure the stability of the reaction conditions.



Microprocessor control for good temperature control and accurate
shaking speed


DC brushless motor drive, long service life and maintenance-free


Built-in over-temperature protection device to ensure safety


Full power heating can be selected, to prevent the experiment from failing due to uneven temperature changes


Various blocks are available, and can be customized


4.3-inch color LCD screen display, intuitive and easy to operate


Optional thermo lid for higher temperature uniformity in the test tube


Optional cooling, up to 1°C/min cooling rate


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