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PurePrep Dispenser

PurePrep Dispenser is an automated liquid handling device for quick and efficient filling of Deepwell and elution plates. The system can fill one or multiple plates in seconds with up to four different liquids with a minimum accuracy of 1%. This system is recommended in a high throughput PurePrep 96 workflow. It can also be used in other settings and decreases the hands-on time.

 The PurePrep Dispenser is compatible with automation systems, including robotic arms, DNA/RNA extraction systems, etc.


96 wells/ 500 μL


Quick and precise automated liquid dispensing decreases the hands-on-time in the workflow;


High throughput, dispenses 1mL in a 96 wells plate in 30 seconds;


Can dispense both low and high volumes, 50 μL – 2500 μL;


Suitable for 96-(Deep)wells plates and Elution plates.


Can dispense each simultaneously, with differing dispensing volumes;


Four plate positions (each plate position can have different set dispensing volumes);


UV lamp to avoid cross contamination;


PurePrep 96


PurePrep TTS


PurePrep TTR


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