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PurePrep FR

MolGen’s PurePrep FR is an automated liquid handler for filling plates with high precision and decreasing laboratory hands-on time and optimizing lab processes while achieving high yields and reproducibility. What makes this particular testing unit so unique is that it makes defining new components simple. Easy to adjust to different procedures, the PurePrep FR offers users customizable protocols, racks, containers, and more.

Intelligently designed for convenience and to accommodate laboratory space limitations, this system is ideal for downstream processing setups, like the PCR and LAMP setup. It is easy to adjust to different procedures, featuring multiple dispensing, mixing, and serial dilutions capabilities and offers more immediate insight into the research results.


96 wells/wide volume range: 10 – 1000 μL

12 positions on the deck (SBS format);
Compatible with both PCR and LAMP setup;

New components can easily be defined in the interface by the user;


Optional tip reusability;

Control of integrated devices (heater/shaker etc.).
Historical logs of executed programs;
The program keeps track of activities and keeps historical logs of executed programs;
The system has built-in tip detection and liquid level detection to ensure correct processing;
The system allows multiple dispensing, mixing, and creating serial dilutions;


PurePrep 96


PurePrep TTS


PurePrep TTR



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