PurePrep Leaf Kit

The PurePrep Leaf kit allows fast and cost-effective extraction of DNA from plant samples. The kit is optimized to extract DNA from plant samples with the highest purity and works well with plant leaf samples rich in secondary metabolites. The CTAB-based extraction chemistry is validated formany different plant species and can be customized to meet any specific requirements of yields, purity, working volumes. The kit is optimized for PurePrep Extraction systems and is compatible with other common automated DNA purification instruments.

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Fast and efficient purification of genomic DNA from leaf samples rich in secondary metabolites

  • Consistently high yields of total nucleic acids
  • Validated for many plant species such as: sugar beet, wheat, maize, sunflower, tomato, pepper, cucumber, rose, etc.
  • Easy to use protocols (~60 minutes)
  • Suitable for small, medium and high-throughput volumes
  • Can be automated with most common extraction systems such as our PurePrep systems
  • Very well suited for typical downstream applications (PCR, qPCR, NGS, Genotyping)
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Optimize your workflow

  • Lysis buffer specially designed for lysis of leaf material
  • Fast magnetic separation even from viscous sample lysates
  • Efficient removal of inhibitors
  • Scalable for different sample volumes
  • Types of buffers and volumes can be changed to meet customer needs and specific sample types
  • Available in bulk


  • Lysis Buffer PL
  • Binding Buffer VG
  • Wash Buffer I
  • Wash Buffer II
  • Wash Buffer III (Optional)
  • Elution Buffer
  • MagSi-VG III


Input volume Up to 50 mg plant sample
Output Volume 50 – 200 µL
Processing time for 96 samples ~60 min (including sample lysis)
Validated Sample Types Plant leaf samples rich in secondary metabolites
Processing Method Manual or automated
Marking Research Use Only

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