Providing Innovative Molecular Workflows to Empower Future Diagnostics

About Molgen

MolGen is the global solutions provider of innovative extraction DNA / RNA isolation technology, systems, products and kits for human diagnostics, animal diagnostics, agricultural research, aquaculture, pharma and the biotech industry.

From sample to result, MolGen is challenging the status quo in molecular diagnostics by offering high-tech automated systems and consumables. Highly customizable, MolGen’s portfolio offers the perfect laboratory workflow for our customers’ specific needs.

MolGen enables scaling up diagnostics by combining multiple systems into complete diagnostical flows that are high-quality, adaptable and safe.

We offer integrated state-of-the-art customizable solutions that automate the molecular diagnosis pipeline, reduce laboratory handling time, and achieve high yields and reproducibility.

At the core of MolGen’s philosophy is to create connections between people, specialists in all areas of the life science industry and suppliers, closely working together with our customers to help solve their challenges, whether it comes to offering customized innovative automation solutions to scaling up in a short timeline.

MolGen provides service beyond traditional ways, partnering and going the extra mile to ensure our customers’ success. MolGen’s systems and consumables are versatile, efficient and universally applicable making MolGen the perfect provider when scaling-up, professionalizing or handling a crisis.

MolGen is able to colour outside of the lines, tackling new problems in new ways, and developing solutions that pave the way of the future.

Eurofins and Synlab are among some of its loyal customers, using MolGen’s Diagnostics – Molecular automation line to scale up their COVID-19 test capacity and COVID-19 monitoring successfully.

With offices in The Netherlands, USA, UK and more to follow soon, MolGen delivers service and support globally.


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