LabTIE Products

Simple, Fast, Efficient

MolGen’s LabTIE Line offers cost-effective solutions to increase throughput by enabling fast, accurate and reliable dispensing and homogenization of various sample types. Products such as the LabTIE Dispensers, Grinding Media and mini-bead beater 96 are ideal for labs looking to reduce hands-on time with semi-automated solutions.

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Seed Dispenser

LabTIE Dispensers

Fast and Efficient Manual Sample Dispensers

The LabTIE Dispensers are manual sample dispensers with exchangeable mesh plates to dispense seeds, beads or powders into both industry standard and custom containers . By simply filling the dispenser and pulling the slider, the dispenser accurately drops the desired amount or volume into your designated grid.

This semi-automated solution saves a lot of time by removing the need to load seeds and beads by hand and weigh powder samples.

Bead Dispenser with Beads

LabTIE Bead Dispenser

Seed Dispenser

LabTIE Seed Dispenser

Powder Dispenser With Powder

LabTIE Powder Dispenser

Sample Homogenization

Steel Beads

Grinding Media

LabTIE grinding media are ideal for homogenization of samples with use of beads. MolGen offers MolGen offers various types of high-quality in small quantities and large bulk. Available bead types:

  • Chrome
  • SAE 304 Stainless Steel
  • Zirconia Silica
  • Zirconia Yttria
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Soda Lime Glass
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