Grinding Media
High-Quality Beads For Sample Homogenization

LabTIE grinding media are ideal for homogenization of samples with use of beads from small labs to large-scale applications. MolGen offers several different beads types including ceramic, glass and steel beads both in small quantities and large bulk, providing you with high-quality beads for low costs.

Feel free to or contact us to learn more about which bead type and size we recommend for your samples.

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Various Bead materials for different sample types
Glass Beads are used for grinding delicate material and the homogenization of soft tissue and easy-to-lyse cell suspensions. Borosilicate glass beads are stronger than Soda Lime glass beads.

Zirconia Silica beads can be used for bead milling of spores and homogenization of medium-soft samples. Zirconia Yttria beads are stronger and ideal for metal-free pharmaceutical and food processing grinding.

Chrome beads are ideal where a through-hardened steel ball is needed, such as grinding leaves and seeds. Stainless Steel are recommended for grinding tough material that may not contain metal traces


  • All glass beads are lead-free
  • Ceramic beads denser than glass and suitable for grinding tough tissue
  • Zirconia Silica ideal for bead milling of spores and the homogenization of medium-soft samples
  • Zirconia Yttria chemically inert and resistant to fragmentation
  • SAE 304 Stainless Steel does not rust and can withstand lysis buffer up to 7 days
  • Beads of consistent high quality for a low bulk price


Size Range & Density

  • Chrome
    1,0 – 6,35 mm / 7,8 g/cm3
  • SAE 304 Stainless Steel
    1,0 – 6,35 mm / 7,9 g/cm3
  • Zirconia Silica
    0,4 – 6,0 mm / 3,9 g/cm3
  • Zirconia Yttria
    0,4 – 6,0 mm / 6,0 g/cm3
  • Borosilicate Glass
    0,6 – 4,0 mm / 2,6 g/cm3
  • Soda Lime Glass
    0,106 – 6,0 mm / 2,4 g/cm3

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