Heat Seals
Thermal seals for sample storage, PCR and qPCR

MolGen offers a selection of different heat seals. The seals are compatible with many different materials and come in different varieties of solvent resistance, peelability and pierceability. All seals are compatible with the Lab Plate Sealer.

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High-quality Seals for various applications
The Transparent Peel is ideal for qPCR and short-term compound storage.

The Transparent Pierce is recommended for use with the Abi 3730 Sequencer as the thinner structure pierces more easily.

The Transparent Weld can be used for qPCR, PCR, storage, sample inspection, disposal of hazardous materials, use with DMSO.

The Foil Peel & Pierce can be used for PCR low temperature storage and short term room temperature compound storage.


  • Heat Seal Transparent Peel – MG0000135
    A clear film with good optical clarity and moderate solvent resistant properties. The film is peelable and non-pierceable.
  • Heat Seal Transparent Pierce – MG0000136
    A clear heat seal film which is ideal for use with ABI 3730 sequencer. The film has good optical clarity and moderate solvent resistance, it is non-peelable and pierceable.
  • Heat Seal Transparent Weld – MG0000137
    A strong, clear bonding film which is ideal for water thermal cyclers. The film has good optical clarity is solvent resistant and has a permanent seal. It is non-pierceable and non-peelable.
  • Heat Seal Foil Peel & Pierce – MG0000138
    A high grade foil with good solvent resistance including DMSO, easy sealing surface identification with multiple sealing and resealing properties. The seal is peelable (polystyrene only) and pierceable.


  • Width: 125 mm
  • length: 78 mm
  • Quantity: Comes per 100 sheets
  • More specifications per seal can be sent upon inquiry

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