Suitable for COVID-19 purification

Total nucleic acid extraction for pathogen detection. The PurePrep Pathogens kit allows cost-effective extraction of DNA and RNA from a variety of sample materials like serum, plasma, oropharyngeal swab / nasopharyngeal swab, or any other respiratory samples. Purified total nucleic acids can be used for qPCR based or any other enzymatic pathogen detection method. The ready-to-use reagents and simple protocol are convenient in use and easy to automate. The included PurePrep magnetic beads are optimized for fast separation even from viscous sample lysates.



  • Short protocols, complete processing at room temperature possible
  • Consistently high yield of total nucleic acids
  • Very strong magnetic beads enable fast magnetic separation even from viscous sample lysates
  • Suitable for many enzymatic down-stream applications including qPCR, qRT-PCR isothermal amplification
  • Preparation time for 96 samples: <30 minEasy to automate

Plant kit

The PurePrep Plant DNA purification kits are available as standard kits as 1x 96 MTP or 10 x 96 MTP kit versions. These are intended for lower throughput systems as well as manual use.

PurePrep Plant kit

The specific kit for the ThermoFisher Kingfisher™ system, comes with optimized protocols and dedicated plastics in a 60 x 96 version. Tailor-made solutions are available.

PurePrep Plant kit

The specific kit for the Synchron DNA Cruiser system, comes with optimized protocols and dedicated plastics in a 250,000 sample version. Other tailor-made solutions can be discussed.

“MolGen – DNA purification for automation”

PurePrep DNA purification kits

We sell different kits for different throughput needs. From single- or ten pack MTP kits for manual use or testing, to validated kits for the KingFisher™ and DNA Cruiser, MolGen delivers both standard kits as well as tailor-made supply packages.