Reduce hands-on time with The PurePrep Mini

The PurePrep Mini greatly reduces hands-on time in lab research by automating the purification of nucleic acids. It’s small footprint making it ideal for small research laboratories

Meet the PurePrep TTR

An innovation for molecular automation, the TTR saves valuable hands-on time and increases accuracy. A high throughput (320 samples per hour) automated liquid handling device.

Request a quote for our Pipette Tips

MolGen offers a wide range of filter tips for manual or robotic, single and multichannel pipettes. Our pipette tips make pipetting simpler, safer and more cost-efficient.

Request a LabTIE Dispenser Demo

The LabTIE dispensers enable fast and accurate dispensing for seeds, beads and powder. Request a demo for one of our modular LabTIE Dispensers today!

MolGen is supporting professional agriculture laboratories

MolGen is grounded in its history of developing and marketing advanced bulk chemistry kits for DNA/RNA extraction that successfully satisfied the needs of seed and plant breeding.


Human diagnostics

MolGen Human Diagnostics develops and commercializes an advanced molecular total solution for the diagnosis of human diseases.

Animal diagnostics

MolGen Animal Diagnostics develops and distributes advanced extraction and testing products and solutions directed at the diagnosis of animal disease.


MolGen Agro develops and commercializes advanced extraction and crop and plant diagnostics products and solutions directed at the farming, agriculture industries, such as seed and plant breeding.


MolGen Biotech develops and commercializes advanced research and development solutions directed at the genetics branch across the food, biopharma and cosmetics and biotech industries.



MolGen is a total solutions global supplier of innovative DNA / RNA extraction technology, system, products and kits for human and animal diagnostics, agriculture, aquaculture, pharma and biotech.

From sample to result, MolGen is challenging the status quo in molecular diagnostics by offering platform-diagnostic stand-alone systems and consumables that reduce laboratory handling. Highly customizable, our portfolio offers efficient, safer and economical diagnostics, creating the perfect laboratory workflow for our customers’ specific needs.



System To Flow

MolGen combines multiple systems into complete, efficient, customizable diagnostical flows that are high-quality, adaptable and safe to use.


At the core of MolGen’s philosophy is to create connections between people, specialists in all areas of the life science industry and suppliers.


MolGen provides service beyond traditional ways, partnering and thereby going the extra mile to ensure our customers’ success.


Our in-house production and research & development capabilities guarantee quality, flexibility and adaptability in our complete range.

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