Pipette Tips

MolGen offers pipette tips for both manual and automated liquid handling. Our pipette tips are compatible with our own PurePrep TTR & PurePrep TTS systems, but also with a wide range of Tecan and Hamilton systems. Their high quality and precision make them a perfect fit for manual or robotic, single and multichannel pipettes.

32 Tip Comb
Universal Tips
Robotic Tips


Universal Tips Robotic Tips
  • Sterile packed in boxes containing 96 tips (50 boxes per carton)
  • Compatible for single- and multichannel pipettes
  • Available in a wide volume range, with and without filter
  • Wide range of conductive filter tips for automated workstations
  • Validated on our PurePrep TTR & TTS systems
  • Compatible with Tecan and Hamilton systems
  • Available in multiple volumes
Tip Volume Reference with filter Reference without filter
1250 µL MGFT100050-UE MGNFT010050-UE
1000 µL MGFT100050 N/A
200 µL elongated MGFT020050-UE N/A
200 µL MGFT020050 MGNFT020050
20 µL MGFT002050 MGNFT002050
10 µL MGFT001050 MGNFT001050

All pipette tips come in 50 cases of 96 tips

Tip Volume Reference Compatibility
1000 µL MGFT100050-H Hamilton
300 µL MGFT030050-H Hamilton
50 µL MGFT005050-H Hamilton
NTR 300 µL + barcode* MGFT030024-H Hamilton
1000 µL MGFT100050-T Tecan
200 µL MGFT020050-T Tecan
50 µL MGFT005050-T Tecan

All pipette tips come in 50 cases of 96 tips
* Comes in 120 cases of 96 tips


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