Achieving higher quality, efficiency and safety with PurePrep TL+ 

Achieving higher quality, efficiency and safety with PurePrep TL+

Pureprep TL+ is a buffer that enables transport and lysis of samples containing viruses for further processing, such as diagnostic tests and molecular biology techniques. An additional benefit of the PurePrep TL+, is the breakdown of mucous-like substances thus improving liquid handling.  

PurePrep TL+ is compatible with downstream applications such as MolGen’s TubeTransfer systems TTS and TTR, as well as with extraction systems PurePrep 96, PurePrep 32.

It has been developed for the detection of SARS CoV-2 in swab samples. Thanks to its unique composition, a sample in the PurePrep TL+ buffer is stable for 48 hours if stored at 4 °C. In its turn, the shelf life of the buffer is 2 years if stored at room temperature.  

The light turquoise color present in the PurePrep TL+ buffer improves laboratory handling and safety by making it easier to detect spillage. Moreover, the PurePrep TL+ buffer already includes the lysis step during transport, so this removes one handling procedure and increases overall efficiency. With the use of the PurePrep TL+ buffer, laboratory workflows achieve higher quality, efficiency and safety. 


DM CORP 0017 v1.0 07-Feb-2022
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