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With the help of MolGen PurePrep 96, screening for Spinal Muscular…

As recently announced in the national news of Turkey, a system for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) screening was established at the Genetic Diseases Screening Laboratory of the General Directorate of Public Health in Turkey.  

For people who suffer from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), the SMN1 gene is dysfunctional due to a mutation that the SMN protein can no longer be created. Therefore, gene carrier testing has been run to screen for SMA. Via blood samples, a gene carrier test determines whether one of the partners is a “carrier” for certain genetic diseases and the child’s likelihood of inheriting them. For SMA screening to detect the dysfunctional SMN1 gene, an accurate DNA purification system is required. Therefore, the PurePrep 96, with an automated, accurate DNA purification system, plays a significant role in the system that has been established to screen SMA in the Genetic Diseases Screening Laboratory in Turkey. The PurePrep 96 has a revolutionary magnetic separation technology for DNA and RNA purification. The magnetic separation technology of the Pureprep 96 uses magnetic rods to transfer magnetic beads through the various purification phases of mixing, binding, washing and elution, resulting in purified DNA and RNA. Therefore, it helps and enables a high-quality automatic detection for SMN1 genes.
Furthermore, the PurePrep 96 magnetic separation technology is used for different matrices like blood, cultured cells, bacteria, tissues, cell-free body fluids, and plant samples. Also, the PurePrep 96 automated DNA and RNA purification system can perform up to 96 samples per run and with a high-speed extraction protocol of 15-40 minutes. 

If you want to know more about our DNA and RNA purification technology, check out our the PurePrep 96 page or contact us for more information. 

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