High Quality RNA Extraction Kits

High quality DNA/RNA extraction kits for efficient high throughput testing

Veenendaal, April 4th, 2022 - The rapid spread of SARS-CoV-2 has heavily impacted global society with high pressure of COVID-19 on public health and economics. MolGen is very proud to have assisted in relieving some of the pressure and support the testing framework. Our High Quality RNA Extraction Kits provide laboratories worldwide with innovative solution for efficient high throughput testing possibilities.

MolGen’s Pathogens Kit is optimized for high throughput DNA/RNA extraction and purification to support testing capacity of global laboratories. The Pathogens kit can isolate DNA or RNA from a large variety of sample matrices like blood, plasma, serum, urine, swab washes, tissue samples and feces. The high-quality result combined with the low processing time (< 30 minutes) makes this kit ideal for many research applications ranging from small, medium to high throughput automation.

MolGen has also recently introduced the DGX kit as CE-IVD marked RNA extraction kit, ideal for high throughput COVID-19 testing in diagnostic laboratories which require CE-IVD certification. This kit is specifically developed as an advanced molecular total solution for diagnosis of viral infectious diseases, validated for SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic workflows. The highlight of this kit is the ability to achieve fast magnetic separation, due to specialized strong magnetic beads included in the DGX kit, resulted in high yields of purified RNA.

Both kits are suitable for manual and automated extraction processes. Automating the process allows for high throughput, low error workflows. The kits are optimized and validated for automated magnetic beads extraction systems, like the PurePrep 96 or PurePrep 32 systems. Protocols for application with both systems are available on request.

As MolGen is constantly innovating its product portfolio to reach even higher quality standards and improve the efficiency and workflow, new developments are focused on prefilled extraction kits.

Prefilled extraction kits will greatly decrease hands-on-time to improve the high throughput workflows of laboratories. Also, implementing prefilled plates with buffers can reduce human error and minimize chemical waste. The future in MolGen will also introduce other human diagnostics kits, as well as specialized High Quality RNA Extraction Kits for other sample types, like Tissues & Cells, Cell-free DNA and Body Fluids.

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MolGen is a global total solution provider of innovative extraction DNA/RNA technology, systems, products and kits for human and animal diagnostics, the agriculture and biotech industries. MolGen’s, systems, reagents and consumables reduce hands-on time and increase productivity while maintaining high yields and reproducibility. From sample to result, MolGen is challenging the status quo in molecular diagnostics by offering platform stand-alone systems and consumables. MolGen’s portfolio offers high-quality, adaptable, and safe workflows, which can be customised to meet customers’ specific needs.