MolGen to participate at the 32nd European congress of clinical microbiology & infectious diseases taking place in Lisbon, Portugal

Veenendaal, April 20th, 2022 - MolGen b.v. of Veenendaal (NL) a single-source supplier of DNA/RNA workflows containing hardware, consumables, reagents, software and services for the agriculture and biotechnology is putting the final touches on its preparation for its attendance at the 32nd ECCMID on April 23-26. The company’s presence at this premier event is particularly worth noting as it will serve as the introduction of MolGen’s revolutionary MoaA RT-q PCR kit.

The MolGen MoaA RT-q kit is a single well, multiplex RT-qPCR which targets Influenza viruses type A & type B virus, Respiratory syncytial viruses (RSV) type A & type B and SARS-CoV-2. With these five targets being the most common respiratory threats of our current day, the ECCMID event comes at just the right time to share this kit and its ability to improve diagnostics’ pricing, efficiency and time management.

The MolGen MoaA RT-qPCR kit utilizes PlexZyme™ technology for specificity and superior multiplexing capability. The PlexZyme™ technology entails two target-specific partzymes that will bind to the target. Once the partzymes have assembled into PlexZyme® enzymes, universal probes bind and enzymatic cleavage of the probes between fluorophore and quencher dye pairs generates fluorescence. Using this technology, 5 different binding events (two primers, two partzymes, 1 probe) are required for signal detection instead of the usual 3 binding events (2 primers, 1 probe). This greatly increases the specificity of the PCR reaction. The MolGen MoaA RT-qPCR kit is compatible with PCR systems like the ABI QuantStudio 5/7 and ABI 7500 FAST/FAST DX. It is also compatible with commercial magnetic bead extraction systems, like the PurePrep 96.

“This comprehensive scientific and educational event is the most appropriate backdrop for sharing our MoaA RT-q kit. In addition to COVID-19, there are other respiratory viruses that require accurate detection, and our kit is the right tool to address the immediate needs of today,” said Niels Kruize, MolGen CCO.

Come and Meet us at Our Press Event

Additionally, as part of a press event being held on April 24th at 17.30 pm (local time) at MolGen’s booth 2-34.3., Nico Yau, Product Manager at MolGen, will officially launch this new product. During this time, refreshments will be available and there will be the opportunity to meet and network with the MolGen team behind this great innovation.

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