Veenendaal, March 02, 2021 – Today, MolGen, specializing in molecular biology and DNA/RNA extraction and laboratory automation, has announced its acquisition of LabTIE International. With this acquisition, MolGen strengthens its position in offering complete solutions for the Ag biotech and the life sciences markets.

Maarten de Groot, CEO of MolGen: “The acquisition was a result of a long-standing and trusted relationship between MolGen and LabTIE International. With this acquisition, we are adding innovative products to our portfolio. This is an important step in our mission to offer complete solutions for our customers.”

MolGen will retain the LabTIE brand name to ensure familiarity. “For LabTIE International’s customers it will be ‘business as usual’ as we will continue to improve our products and offerings with a strong customer focus” says Bas Millenaar, the former owner of LabTIE International, who was appointed as CEO of MolGen Production, where the product development of MolGen takes place. “We are looking forward to offering new products in the future to meet our customers’ demands.”

The acquisition was another big step in the on-going development of MolGen, who have been involved in providing extraction chemistry and equipment for scaling up SARS-CoV-2 test capacity in co-operation with the key stakeholders in the Netherlands, as well as many other countries globally.