PurePrep TTS
High-Throughput Tube Transfer System

The PurePrep TTS is a high-throughput automated liquid handling system that transfers liquid fast, accurately, and consistently from tubes to deep well microtiter plates. Utilizing an optimized dual-arm design, the system can process up to 220 samples per hour increasing throughput and reducing hands-on time in the lab. The LIMS compatible system is equipped with barcode scanners to track samples through the workflow by scanning barcodes on tubes and plates. While optimized for processing PurePrep TL+ samples, the system can be customized to process various tube sizes.

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Fast liquid transfer from a wide variety of tubes
The PurePrep TTS is ideal for high-throughput laboratories that have to process large amounts of samples per day. Utilizing liquid displacement, the system quickly and accurately processes up to 220 samples per hour.

Due to the automatic de-capping of tubes and swirl motion of the pipetting arm the PurePrep TTS removes the need to remove swabs before processing. This reduces the need to perform tedious manual steps, increases accuracy and greatly reduces contamination risk.

The LIMS-compatible system automatically tracks the samples with barcode scanners throughout the workflow.


  • Greatly reduces risk of cross-contamination
  • Can process tubes with swabs
  • Sensors monitor every step in the process to ensure safe and accurate processing
  • Runs can be resumed after any interruption (door open, emergency stop or power failure)
  • Can process tubes with swabs
  • Utilizes liquid displacement for pipetting
    • The use of system liquid enables increased accuracy on lower volumes;


  • Robotic Pipette Tips
  • 96 deepwell Plate
  • PurePrep TL+


  • Samples per hour: 220
  • Width: 145 cm
  • Depth: 77 cm
  • Height:  195 cm
  • Weight: 375kg
  • Uses standard power

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