LabTIE Bead Dispenser
Accurate Modular Bead Dispenser

The LabTIE Bead Dispenser is a manual dispenser with exchangeable mesh plates to dispense specific sizes and amounts of beads into plates, tubes and other industry-standard containers. By simply filling the dispenser and pulling the slider, the dispenser accurately drops the desired amount of beads into your designated grid. This semi-automated solution saves a lot of time by removing the need to load beads by hand.

Due to its modular design the dispenser can be used with beads ranging from 0,3 to 6,0 mm in size into a variety of containers by exchanging mesh plates and converters.

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Remove the need to load beads by hand
The LabTIE Bead Dispenser was developed to do away with tedious manual loading of beads. Instead of loading beads by hand, by simply filling the dispenser and pulling the slider, the system allows you to dispense beads in only 30 seconds.

The modular design of the dispenser enables compatibility with various bead types, sizes and amounts (including difficult bead types such as electrostatic glass beads and lightweight freeze-dried bacto beads) making it suitable for a broad range of applications. Custom parts can be arranged to dispense unique beads or dispense to non-standard containers.


  • Removes need to load beads by hand
  • Easy to clean
  • Anodized aluminium mesh plate with anti-static properties to minimize interaction with input material
  • Available in standard grids from 24 to 384
  • Compatible with various industry standard containers:
    • Tubes & vials
    • Microtiter and deep-well plates
  • For beads smaller than 0,3 mm we recommend using the LabTIE Powder Dispenser
  • Custom parts for unique bead types/amounts, grids and containers can be arranged on request


  • Bead Size Range: 0,3 to 6,0 mm
  • Standard Grids:
    • 24-well
    • 48-well
    • 50-well
    • 96-well
    • 100-well
    • 384-well
  • Dimensions: Varied based on sample and container

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