Lab Thermo Mixer
Thermal Shaking Incubator

The Lab Thermo Mixer is a thermal shaking incubator with easily replaceable modular blocks and comprehensive program settings. Programs can be easily set and edited with the 4.3-inch color touchscreen, and with it’s high max thermal shaking speed of up to 3000 rpm the Lab Thermo Mixer enables excellent mixing performance in your lab. The system also has a small footprint making it ideal for any size lab.

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Easily replaceable modular blocks for various sample containers.
The Lab Thermo Mixer enables excellent mixing performance and temperature control for your samples. Thanks to it's comprehensive program settings and open design, the system can easily be set up to meet your exact needs.

The modular shaking blocks are easy to load and unload and allow for fast program set-up due to the automatic module identification. Read the attachment below for info on shaking blocks.

MolGen can also provide a 'cooled' variant of the Lab Thermo Mixer. This version has a lower minimum temperature and has a cryopreservation function after program completion.


  • Modular blocks enabling compatibility with a wide range of containers
  • Various settings for optimal shaking
    • Shaking start type
    • Cycle Steps
    • precise temperature control
    • Heating and cooling Rate
  • Microprocessor ensures precise temperature control and accurate shaking speeds
  • Convenient module replacement method



  • Shaking Speed Range: 200 – 3000 rpm
  • Width: 220 mm
  • Depth: 318 mm
  • Height: 154 mm
  • Weight (incl. blocks): ≤10 kg


Thermo Mixer Blocks Info

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