Lab Mini Centrifuge
Compact Tube & Strip Centrifuge

The Lab Mini Centrifuge is a compact and cost effective personal mini centrifuge. The system has two speed settings: 4.000 & 6.000 rpm allowing for fast centrifugation without taking up much lab space. The device is provided with two interchangeable rotors for compatibility with small sample tubes and PCR strips. With its automatic start/stopping function and fast electronic breaking, the Lab Mini Centrifuge is ideal for any lab that intend to speed up their workflow.

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Intuitive & easy-to-use design for increased convenience
The Lab Mini Centrifuge is small, lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for any lab looking to save precious workspace. The maximum speed of 6,000 rpm/4,000 rpm can be selected to meet the needs of laboratory reagent mixing and sample centrifugation. Thank to the interchangeable rotors, it can be used for instantaneous centrifugation of PCR tubes to ensure the mixing effect of PCR reagents.

The device automatically runs when the lid is closed and stops when the lid is opened, allowing for quick, safe and easy usage in the lab.


  • Composite shell, shatter-resistant
  • Electronic braking system for rapid sample processing
  • Two speed options: 4000 & 6000 RPM
  • Low noise during usage
  • Quick release rotor system for easy rotor switching
  • Includes 2 quick release interchangeable rotors:
    • 8 x 1.5/2.0ml tube rotor
    • 4 x PCR 8-strip rotor


  • Power: AC100~240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Width: 147 mm
  • Depth: 135 mm
  • Height: 107 mm
  • Weight: 0,7 kg
  • Max RCF:
    • 1,200xg(4,000 rpm)
    • 2,000xg(6,000 rpm)

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