Lab Mini Vortex
Compact Orbital Vortex

The Lab Mini Vortex is a compact touch-activated vortex mixer ideal for any lab due to its compact design and ease of use. With a maximum speed of 2500 rpm, the small shaker doesn’t sacrifice any mixing power while requiring very little working space.

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Simple & effective - Saves the need to shake by hand
The Lab Mini Vortex is a useful little device that shakes your sample quickly and reliably. By device is activated by simply pushing your sample tube down on the top, leaving one hand free while using the device.

The shaker is also provided with a blue v-shaped cap, making the device even more compatible with cone-shaped tubes.


  • Compact design
  • Continuous / short spin working style
  • Mixing orbit of 3 mm
  • Speed range: 800 ~ 2500 rpm
  • Ideal for vortexing 15 mL tubes


  • Width: 71 mm
  • Depth: 91 mm
  • Height: 84 mm
  • Weight: 0,35 kg

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