Tube Strips

MolGen offers a variety of different tube strips for use in molecular automation. Our plastics are compatible with our PurePrep systems and other bead-based nucleic extraction systems. They are partially produced in-house with high quality Polypropylene and are 100% quality tested using optimized vacuum technology and are leak-free guaranteed.

96 Deepwell Plates - MolGen
Deepwell Plate Grey


  • 100% leak-free guaranteed
  • Free from DNAse & RNAse
  • Conforms to SBS/ANSI dimensions
  • Partially locally produced
  • Controlled Batch/LOT numbers
  • Automated production according to “Standard Operating Procedures”
Product name Volume per well Reference Compatible Systems
5 mL Sample Tube Strip 5000 µL MG0000004 PurePrep 24D
10 mL Sample Tube Strip 10000 µL MG0000003 PurePrep 24D
2 mL Centrifuge Tube 2000 µL MG0000313 PurePrep 24D


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