LabTIE Seed Dispenser

The LabTIE Seed Dispenser is a manual, flexible, accurate sample dispenser with exchangeable meshplates to dispense over 100 different types of seeds with ease. It was developed to replace the vacuum seed dispensers and inefficient robot dispensers. Due to it’s modular design the dispenser can be used for a variety of seeds and target containers by exchanging mesh plates and converters.

Seed Dispenser
Seed Dispenser

Simple, Fast, Reliable

  • Compatible with seeds in a range of 0.2mm – 0.9mm
  • Accurate dispensing (<2% error rate)
  • Fast dispensing in only 30 seconds
  • Anodized Aluminum mesh plate with anti-static properties to minimize interaction with your input material
  • Easy to clean
  • Custom parts available on request for all types of seed


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Grid Compatibility

Due to it’s modular design, the LabTIE Seed Dispenser is compatible with a variety of different designated containers and grids. If your designated grid is not listed here, please contact us so we can see how we can help you.

Plates 24-well microtiter and deep-well plates
50-well petri dish
48-well microtiter and deep-well plates
96-well microtiter, cell culture, deep-well plates, plates with strips
100-well petri dish
384-well microtiter and deep-well plates
Tubes Snap cube tube 0.2mL – 1.5mL
Screw cap tube 1.5 mL – 2.0 mL
Cryo tube 1.5 mL – 2.0 mL
1.5 mL – 2.0mL Autosample (GC) Vials
Petri Dishes 9 cm and 10 cm Agar/Blot paper (round)
10 cm and 12 cm Agar/Blot paper (square)
Trays Germination Tray Blot paper/Soil
108-Well tray Soil
Tray Soil 35×22 cm



Mesh Plate
Anodized Aluminium 6082
Bucket & Main Unit
90% Polycarbonate, 10% Acrylamide
RVS 316
Bolt and nut
RVS 304
Aluminium/Nylon composition


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