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MolGen to participate at AGBT Agriculture meeting in Loew Coronado

Veenendaal, March 28th, 2022 - MolGen b.v. of Veenendaal (NL) is getting ready to attend the AGBT Agriculture Meeting, April 4 – 6. The AGBT Agricultural Meeting brings together top leaders and global researchers to discuss the unique challenges facing agriculture and genomics. During the dynamic event, MolGen will be immersed in an environment of collaboration as the world’s leading genome researchers, data scientists, breeders, policy influencers, funders, and technology innovators share ideas about how best to embrace opportunities to redesign terrestrial and aquatic agriculture. The AGBT Ag event also places MolGen in the middle of the discussion about how to address the escalating needs of a changing Earth.

“As an industry, we’re facing a great challenge and threat to society. We’re thankful to be attending this event and we’re looking forward to being a part of the solution for addressing food shortages and agricultural quality issues around the world,” said Maarten de Groot, MolGen CEO.

MolGen has grown to offer agriculture partners of all sizes a wide range of chemistry consumables, systems and kits for advanced extraction and testing. These customisable solutions help regional and multinational professional laboratories extract, analyse and diagnose a very wide range of flowers, vegetables and crops. MolGen’s portfolio allows professional laboratories to execute crop and seed diagnosis, testing chemistry and consumables that meet certification and safety standards, guaranteeing the highest throughput, quality, efficiency, and value.

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MolGen is a global total solution provider of innovative extraction DNA/RNA technology, systems, products and kits for human and animal diagnostics, the agriculture and biotech industries. MolGen’s, systems, reagents and consumables reduce hands-on time and increase productivity while maintaining high yields and reproducibility. From sample to result, MolGen is challenging the status quo in molecular diagnostics by offering platform stand-alone systems and consumables. MolGen’s portfolio offers high-quality, adaptable, and safe workflows, which can be customised to meet customers’ specific needs.