MolGen Expands to US

Press Release: MolGen expands to US market

MolGen Expands DNA/RNA Extraction Product Offering to US Market with MolGen USA

US Operation Launch Establishes a Reliable Single-Source Supply Chain for SARS-CoV-2 Testing

MolGen B.V., a single-source supplier of DNA/RNA extraction technology and services for the life sciences and biotechnology, today announced its entrance into the U.S. market with the launch of MolGen USA, a joint venture with California-based, laboratory automation experts Todaro Robotics. MolGen USA will operate a complete commercial team and product showroom at the San Diego facility.

“The opening of our U.S. headquarters is the next step in MolGen’s global expansion strategy, allowing us to provide premium products, services and consumables on demand to American-based laboratories,” says Maarten de Groot, CEO of MolGen B.V. “During the past year, our primary focus was providing extraction chemistry and equipment for scaling up SARS-CoV-2 test capacity in the Netherlands and our experience in this field will be of immediate value to partners in the United States. Our goals in the U.S. market are long term and include expansion into the agriculture industry as well as other sectors.”

The MolGen product line includes the PurePrep 96, an automated top- notch op DNA/RNA purification system employing magnetic separation technology that can be used for different matrices. The PurePrep 96 is able to process up to 96 samples simultaneously in a working volume of 0.04 inches and delivering results within 15-40 minutes, based on sample type and method. This purification technology is automated and enables high-speed, high-quality processing with no cross-contamination between samples or reagent carry-over.

“MolGen’s track record during the COVID-19 pandemic has been outstanding and U.S. laboratories and businesses will benefit from a provider of this caliber entering the market with such a high-level of commitment,” said James Slatic, CEO of MolGen USA. Slatic forecasts MolGen USA to grow to 100 U.S.-based employees by 2025. The MolGen product showroom, featuring the complete line of MolGen technology, systems, products and kit offerings, is open and available for tours and demonstrations. All representatives and visitors are required to follow COVID-19 protocols and regulations.

MolGen is a global total solution provider of innovative extraction DNA/RNA technology, systems, products and kits for human and animal diagnostics, the agriculture and biotech industries. MolGen’s, systems, reagents and consumables reduce hands-on time and increase productivity while maintaining high yields and reproducibility. From sample to result, MolGen is challenging the status quo in molecular diagnostics by offering platform stand-alone systems and consumables. MolGen’s portfolio offers high-quality, adaptable, and safe workflows, which can be customised to meet customers’ specific needs.